Strategy Design Toolkit

Strategy Design Toolkit Built With FigJam, To Help Bootstrap Projects Of All Sizes

Lightweight strategy tools I like to use. A set of frameworks for strategy design projects. Ready to copy and paste into any FigJam project.

Market Overview

Frameworks that aim to provide a current snapshot of a market in order to better understand its key features. Helping the understanding of market landscape and trends.

Target Audience

Frameworks that provide structured ways of identifying and researching industry competitors. It helps define a detailed description of competitors and their relative position in a particular market.

Competitive Landscape

Frameworks that help break down and define target audiences for projects. A target audience profile is a detailed breakdown of a specific type of stakeholders and customers a project is trying to reach with its efforts.

Problem Statement

Frameworks that help to create a concise description of the problem or issues a project seeks to address. The problem statement identifies the current state, the desired future state, and any gaps between the two. 

Business Models

Frameworks that help determine what type of models will support your goals, and incorporate its design into your business plan and market research. Facilitating organizing assumptions to help to compare ventures and bringing new ideas to the market.

UX Strategy

Frameworks to help set up plans of action designed to reach an improved future state of the organization’s user experience over an established period of time. It helps with the understanding and alignment between designers and the goals of the business/project/product/feature.