Revisiting My Core Values

How often do we think about our values? Do we know what they are or why they are essential to who we are? Why do values matter in decision making?

A person’s sense of identity is dependent on their values. Every decision we make strengthens our core values. Personal values are intertwined with leadership beliefs. Values affect one’s ability to lead.

I came up with a list of values based on feedback from my mentors and peers. I hold these values close to my heart and live by them. As I move through life, the list may change.


It shows that people are willing to get involved. It takes dedication and commitment to push for advancement. Successful people stay committed when they care for the mission.


Impatience can affect your health. Role modeling patience can help your team. It promotes collaboration through active listening and understanding.


Wisdom comes from applying experience or knowledge to make better decisions. It helps you understand complex problems and break them down into manageable bites, which can help your team and individuals prosper.


Accountability is the willingness to take responsibility for your actions. The blame game won’t be played by those who are held accountable. They will try to fix the situation.


Recovering quickly from setbacks is important. The struggle is real. In a volatile world, increased demand for productiveness and delivery of results is putting more pressure on today’s humanity.