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We’ve templates optimized for frameworks including React, Vue, Angular, and others, to kickstart new projects.

Our custom bundler gets code running as quickly as possible, perfect for blazing-fast development in the browser.

Sandboxes are shareable by default. Share a secure URL, or invite folks to join and collaborate on code or provide feedback.

Code in public, or private

Private repos
Import existing projects from private repos, or commit from CodeSandbox and continue working on them locally.
Custom registry support
Leverage your own internal packages, and build with your design system or component library.
Private sandboxes
Make sandboxes public, private, or unlisted. Per sandbox or across a whole workspace.

Create static sites, components, 
or full-stack web apps

NPM Support
Add any of the 1M+ dependencies on npm or your own private packages.

Instant Preview
See changes as you make them with no waiting on builds or deploys.

Static File Hosting
Add your files directly in the sandbox for easy access and management.