Personal Projects and Tasks Tracker

Setting up a personal tasks and projects management system with Notion

Project management is a disciplined approach to planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. Here is my visual approach to managing projects and tasks using Notion databases.

The process I use for managing projects and tasks includes three key stages: planning, execution, and closing. By breaking down the project into these distinct stages, it becomes clear where each task stands and if it is planned, in progress, or completed.

This process can be applied to any task that requires a commitment to timelines and resources, making it a versatile and effective method for achieving success.


Projects are temporary endeavors aimed at achieving a specific goal or objective. This can include a wide range of design-focused projects, such as designing a website, creating a logo, developing a marketing campaign, or planning an event.

While the scope of each project will differ depending on size, there are common elements across all types of projects that are important to manage including time, resources, and communication.


Projects are defined and then broken down into manageable tasks. It helps anticipate how long something’s going to take. I set tasks by understanding what needs to get done, who I should collaborate with, when it needs to be done, and why I’m doing it.

The work breakdown structure should be planned in a way that is intuitive across all projects, with tasks naturally flowing from one to the next.


Databases are collections of pages organized in a single structure. The set of pages within each database can be displayed in many different forms, using views.