Art & Culture Work

Rio Gastronomia XD

Experience Design for 2012,2013 and 2014 editions of Rio Gastronomy,an event of the newspaper O Globo.

Galeria Tropeço

A residencial building where artists and art lovers reside. An idea of transforming hallways into a non conventional artgallery. Many friends for openning day with drinks and food to...

Presépio Morro Azul

The Nativity Festival was considered the world's largest exhibition of artistic nativity scenes in an open space (check request accepted by Guinness World Book of Records), with unique works...

Galeria Urbanosfera

urban playful environment, where visitors could interact with artwork and the furniture.

Tocayo Arts

Tocayo Art Festival aims to is to publicize works by new artists mixing them with more established names from different fields of the arts.

Arara Rara XD

Platform for selling works of art, created in Rio de Janeiro for young artists and entrepreneurs.

Sketchbooks Collection

Graphic design, illustration and photography for sketchbooks to celebrate 5 years of Tocayo art festival, developed as part of a project for Arara Rara.