Author: Diogo Russo

Patience as a Core Value

All of us have these core values that we care about. What is your core value? For me, that's about being patient.

Revisiting My Core Values

How often do we think about our values? Do we know what they are or why they are essential to who we are? Why do values matter in decision...

Boomerrang XD

Boomerrang is an online platform that connects super coaches, mentors, and tutors

GreenLid XD

improving health food company customer experience, while at the same time scaling the business.

GAU Catalogue

Creation of Design catalogue for Galeria Urbana (GAU) Escola Sesc.

LATAM Foresight

Addressing the possible scenarios for Latin America in the next 60 years.

LaunchPad Central UX

Launchpad Central, a company rooted in Steve Blank’s (co-founder) Lean methods for rapid iteration and growth to bring a product to market.

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